Pro Tips from our Pit Master

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As you may have heard, we’ve developed quite the reputation for BBQ around these parts. The Puckett’s praises have been sung from the local, regional, national, and international rooftops (so to speak!), and we fancy ourselves somewhat of experts on the preppin’, smokin’, and servin’ of delicious ‘cue.

We had an opportunity to showcase some of our original pit master Andy Marshall’s secrets in a recent BBQ articleand we didn’t think there could be a better time to share them with you all than the week of Father’s Day! (P.S. – If you’re planning to grill this weekend, don’t miss our Puckett’s spices, sauces, marinades and rubs sale! Get 2 for $6, now through July 4, in stores or online.)

Here’s what Andy had to say:

The Wood: “In Leiper’s Fork, TN, no one at the time was preparing their barbecue “Memphis Style,” which is where I grew up. I began to perfect an 18-hour ‘low n’ slow’ smoking process for pork butts over cherry wood; reminiscent of the barbecue I grew up eating. As they say, the rest is history!”

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The Veggie: (This tip is from Claire!) “My personal favorite is smoked corn. That is something I would suggest smoking, but it’s also great grilled because that brings out its sweet flavors. Whether you smoke or grill the corn, I suggest doing so with the husk. Tomatoes are also great smoked or grilled. In the summer we will sometimes smoke tomatoes and mix them with okra for a smoky okra and tomato side dish. Very southern!”

The Rub: “We use the dry bbq rub to season our pulled pork before it’s smoked, which contains savory flavors with blends of spices and salts that — when the meat is cooked at a low, slow temperature — penetrate into a butt or shoulder to tenderize the meat. The ingredients in our dry bbq rub include salt, spices, garlic & onion, and sugar.”

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The Advice: “To achieve the level of smoke and tenderness of the meat, low and slow is best. For me, optimal temperature for butts and shoulders are 225 degrees. For ribs, 225-250 degrees, for chicken 275 degrees. Also, understanding the difference between hardwoods and softwoods is important for temperatures and flavor. Hardwoods (mesquite and hickory woods) will cook hotter and peak your temperatures, and the softwoods (apple, cherry, peach, pecan woods) won’t cook quite as hot and give you a more consistent, milder flavor. Don’t be afraid to use charcoal and wood mix for a nice, even temperature. If you use lighter fluid, be sure you give it long enough time to burn off so it doesn’t tank the flavor of your meats.”

Read the full article by Michael Shannon O’Keefe at




Better together :: Puckett’s Nashville Begins Partnership with Gray Line TN Charter Tours

Just when you thought downtown Nashville couldn’t get any better, two popular businesses have partnered to make the area an even friendlier place for visitors and locals alike. That’s right, we’re talkin’ Puckett’s 5th & Church and the city’s favorite tour company, Gray Line TN. Not to toot our own horn here (see what we did there?), but we’ve gotta say, it’s a perfect match!

Puckett's Gro. & Restaurant- Nashville, TN (3)

Known for providing curated sightseeing and charter tours of some of Nashville’s most famous areas and attractions, the Gray Line TN trolleys and double-decker buses frequent the downtown district, passing by Puckett’s 5th & Church several times a day. We’ve spread our story far and wide, but there are still those who haven’t heard of us (can you believe it?!) and we couldn’t think of a better opportunity to let Music City visitors know about our family-owned, country store-inspired, meat and three servin’ eatery than by enlisting Gray Line TN’s help!

Trolley Hop Sticker - Proof - 2015

Here’s how it works. Our friends at Gray Line TN who conduct the tours will tell their passengers about Puckett’s — how we smoke our barbecue low n’ slow over cherry wood for 18 hours, how we’re family owned, family operated, and treat our customers like family, and how some of the music industry’s most well-known names have performed on our stage. And that’s just the beginning! If folks like what they hear, they can come by Puckett’s during their visit to town and get a free coffee and biscuit by showing their sticker from Gray Line TN! If they like what they hear AND what they taste, they can come back within a two day window of their Gray Line TN tour and get 10% off their next meal. Now, that’s some good ole Southern hospitality!

At Puckett’s we’re always lookin’ to meet new people, make them feel at home in our restaurants, and promote a real sense of togetherness in the communities we serve. As it turns out, engaging in community service is an important part of who Gray Line TN is, too!

“Puckett’s is a natural fit to incorporate into our tour routes,” said Gray Line Tennessee CEO, Chuck Abbott. “The restaurant is a cornerstone of the downtown business district and its story is one we’re excited to share to both first-time visitors and longtime residents. It is a pleasure to be able to include this Nashville staple on our tours, and we look forward to seeing this partnership grow.”

To learn more about Puckett’s, visit us on Facebook or online!

Shakin’ things up :: Thompson’s Station Farmer’s Market Holds Special Night Event


Every summer from May through August, our sister property, Homestead Manor, is privileged to host the weekly Thompson’s Station Farmer’s Market in the multi-layer property’s barn-turned-event space. We’re all about mixing things up, though, and next week, the popular market will forego its usual daytime schedule on Wednesday, May 31, and open its doors for the first-ever night market from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m!

The Farmer’s Market is frequented by hundreds of shoppers each week who are seeking fresh produce, honey, breads, natural soaps, artisan crafts and more, from more than 20 local vendors and purveyors. Now in its seventh year, the market is a community favorite, known for its hyperlocal focus on homegrown, homemade and handcrafted products. Keepin’ it local is what we do best, y’all!


The night market promises to be a family friendly affair, featuring food trucks, $1 s’mores and live music performances by three local singer-songwriters: Alicia Smith, Taylor Dukes and Tessa Victoria. In addition, you’ll be able to shop most of the same vendors’ booths who participate in the daytime markets.

Rachel Layton,  Marketing Director for A. Marshall Family Foods, plays a huge role in coordinating the Farmer’s Market, and said it was important to everyone involved that anyone in the community who wanted to experience the summertime tradition is able to do so.

“The Thompson’s Station Farmer’s Market is a community-centric event, and we continue to grow in size year after year due to the overwhelming support we receive,” Rachel said. “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the market, and we recognize that the middle of the day is not feasible for some. Our hope is that the night market will provide fun summer memories for families and groups of friends and that it will aid our vendors in growing their reach in the community.”

The historic Homestead Manor property will offer a gorgeous evening backdrop for the event, and we encourage you to bring blankets for sitting around the pond and sampling your newly purchased goods! Homestead’s on-site restaurant, Harvest, will also offer picnic baskets, available for purchase 48 hours in advance, for pick-up that evening. Baskets can be reserved by calling the restaurant at (615) 538-6113, and reservations for dining in the restaurant will be accepted as well.

Check out the Thompson’s Station Farmer’s Market on Facebook to learn more!

Pancakes at Puckett’s!


A’s, B’s and pancakes, please! Starting this Friday, May 26th,we’re launching a new program in Chattanooga called ‘Pancakes at Puckett’s’ to reward kiddos for their academic achievement. If your child is an honor roll student (receiving A’s or B’s), all you have to do is bring his or her report card (or a picture of it) to Puckett’s for a FREE pancake breakfast!

Students will enjoy our “Farmer’s Special,” which is 3 pancakes and a side meat, for all of their hard work and success. Come join us as we celebrate great grades & lazy summer days!

Please note that there is a limit of one breakfast per student, per summer (May 26 – August 8), and a purchase is required.

Introducing Chattanooga’s Themed Dinner Specials!


Join us any night of the week for a fun & tasty twist on dinner, Chattanoogans! We’re excited to introduce our new dinner specials, featuring a unique theme each night. Dishes will vary from week to week under the following categories: 

  • Southwest Mondays: We’ll feature a different festive dish every Monday, like catfish tacos, chimichangas or enchiladas!
  • Southern Fried Tuesdays: If you fry it, they will come. We’ll have options like kickin’ chicken, fish n’ chips, fried veggie platters & more!
  • Carnivore Wednesday: This night is all about steak, steak & more steak! We’ll be dishin’ it out in all sorts of cuts and styles.
  • Deep South Thursday: Inspired by the flavorful, rich dishes found in New Orleans and Charleston, Thursday suppers will highlight plates like shrimp & grits, jambalaya pasta and more.
  • Prime Rib Friday & Saturday:  We’ll celebrate the weekend’s arrival with our slow, cherry smoked prime rib that’ll l fall right off the bone!
  • Breakfast for Dinner Sunday: Nothing hits the spot quite like breakfast for dinner! We’ll be serving up dishes like steak & eggs, Eggs Benedict and other favorites.


We’ll post our nightly specials as frequently as we can, so be sure to check our Facebook page for delicious eats!