Puckett’s Caters Fun Events!

When Puckett’s caters around our area, you never know who you’ll get to see.  It’s amazing and an honor that we get to serve. Whether it’s governors, or celebrities, it’s always fun.  Yet, just as wonderful, we get to serve princesses and their fathers at a ball.

In the past week, we got to cater a fundraiser hosted by Mike Wolfe of the “American Pickers.”    The party was held to support Nashville’s historic Belcourt Theater.  Being a fellow lover of all things history, Mike opened up his new shop in Nashville which houses some of his items he picked.  Fellow Leiper’s Fork citizen Alex Ciremelli decorated the shop. (She owns Serinite Maison, designs for influential people all over town and is married to famous musician Gary.  They are the kindest neighbors you’ll ever know.  I’ll share more on them in another blog soon).  As fans of the show, it was fun to see the items he picked on display.  Mike is truly one of the nicest celebrities we’ve met.  It was kind for him to host such a great cause for a historic icon in Nashville.

Puckett's at the nD event

On a different note, Andy had a thrill when he got to meet football hall of famer, Phil Simms.  Andy and I were helping our daughter finish up this catering event at Chris Simms house.  We love the Simms family as they are regulars at Puckett’s.  We also got to work with some of the famous “Memphis Boys” as they were getting ready to play at the Franklin Theatre.  The Memphis Boys are well known in the music world for working with Elvis Presley in the early seventies.  They are legendary.

But, that’s not all.  In Franklin, Puckett’s got to cater with The Princess Ball hosted by Franklin Tomorrow.  Fathers in town get to dress up with their daughters and attend a father/daughter ball.  It was truly a highlight of our week at Puckett’s.  There is nothing sweeter to watch, or a more precious group to serve.  It’s been a great week at Puckett’s for sure!

Puckett's at The Princess Ball

Update on our garden- a new favorite hobby!

Hobbies are a way to refresh your spirits.  Summer is a great time to look get back into what you like to do with your free time, or expand on it.

Around here, one of our favorite hobbies has been our new garden.  We planted it back in the early spring and posted some pictures.  Below is a picture of our garden this morning.

Andy gets zuchinni out of our garden

As most of you know, it’s a daily task to keep up with the weeding and critter control.  Deer and Japanese beetles are our biggest pests.  We’ve heard all sorts of odd advice on keeping deer at bay; everything from human hair, to Irish Spring soap and more.  We’ve tried them all.  Last week, we broke down and sprayed deer repellent, afraid it would stink us right out of our yard.  It didn’t, and it worked for a while.  With the rain, however, we’ve got to spray again.  Unfortunately, they really enjoyed the sunflowers before we had success in repelling them.

The work is paying off, though.  We have already had buckets and buckets of zucchini.   The yellow squash is coming on strong, and we even already had one tomato!  It was very exciting.  I love our herbs.  They like rocky soil, so it’s a bumper crop there for sure.

Andy gets yellow squash out of our garden

It is relaxing to be outside and enjoy watching something new grow.  Now, I must go on to my next favorite hobby, reading cookbooks.  I need a bunch of zucchini recipes!

CMA Fest 2011 – A first for us in Nashville

Well, CMA Fest 2011 is in the history books now, and it will go down as a huge one for Puckett’s. Thank you so much to the fans who joined us at all of our locations.  It is really special to us at the downtown Nashville Puckett’s. It was such a thrill to serve new and old guests alike in this one and only festival. We had guests who only ate at Puckett’s the entire time they were in Nashville. We had people visit us from literally all over the world. Most of them said they wanted to know what “real Southern food” tasted like. We believe most all of them were happy, and we were surely proud.

Getting ready to catch some tee-shirts

CMA fest is amazing, really. There is no where else in the world, or any other genre of music that is celebrated like this one. I heard Blake Shelton say on television today that it is like a family reunion of sorts. That is a great way to describe this CMA party for sure. We felt that way with guests who’ve visited Puckett’s in Franklin or Leiper’s Fork before, and wanted now to see what the Nashville restaurant was like. It was good to see old and new faces alike.

Friends from France take the stage

As always, it is so rewarding to serve our customers.  Many thanks to our CMA participants:  Coldwater Jane, Mallory Hope, Heather Morgan, Trent Willmon and his entire Ropin’ Lineup, Jesse Lee, Love and Theft, the Carter Twins, Johnny Bulford, Chris Roberts and of course The Sweethearts of the Rodeo.

Jesse Lee & Friends

Our buddy, Trent Willmon’s 6th Annual Ropin’ Pen Party and Celebrity Hi Stakes Team Roping was a great success bringing cowboys, cowgirls and even a Titan ropin’ and putting on a great show at Puckett’s! We met and enjoyed Ashton Shepherd on Saturday as she performed at Puckett’s. She invited some of her fans to Puckett’s, and it was a good time indeed.

Trent gets ready to rope!

Kerry Collins, Titans Quarter Back, only in Nashville, a QB who is also a songwriter!

We hope and pray all of our CMA visitors have a safe trip home, and we look forward to next year.

Thanks Y'all!

Summertime Festivals in our hometown

The Franklin Theatre

Summer is a time of festivals all over this country, and the South in particular.  We love to celebrate life around here, and there is nothing like a festival to do it.  Last week in Franklin, we re-opened our beloved historic Franklin Theatre.  It is spectacular, indeed, and worth a trip just to see how versatile and spectacular it is.  To celebrate, we had a festival of big proportions.  Since the theater first opened in the 1930’s, we had big screens set up on the street playing the classics of “King Kong,” and “The Wizard of Oz.”  There was a swing band dance, and a “speak easy” going on at the same time.  Of course, there was festival food.  At the end of the night, the historic theatre played “Gone with the Wind.”  It was a party indeed!

CMA Logo

In Nashville, we are gearing up for the biggest festival our city hosts:  the one and only CMA fest.  We are expecting thousands to converge on our fair city and enjoy a large celebration of all that is country music.  There is nothing like the loyalty of the country music fan and the appreciation of the artist.  Where else in this nation do you have five days of concerts of mega proportions plus the chance to meet and greet with your favorite artist while walking through a whole convention center of booths celebrating the relationship between fans, the artists and their music.  It’s our first CMA fest at Puckett’s in Nashville.  We are geared up and excited to serve our guests as they enjoy our hometown and it’s biggest party.

Memorial Day Reflections

I can remember as a child being so excited about Memorial Day.  That meant for me that swimming pools were opening, fireflies were coming, and I was about to punch my first pass for Opryland Theme Park-a much loved tradition for many native Nashville kids of the early 1970s.

It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I understood the true meaning of this great day.  I have vague memories of Vietnam as a very young child. I recall Walter Cronkite, who looked very kind, showing news reels of men dressed in uniform and marching along fields. I didn’t really see or understand the marches when they returned home. I’m sure my parents shielded me a bit from too much of that news as I was so young.

Of course I have heard the stories of my father at age 15 running away to join forces in WWII, only to have to return. Then he officially joined and proudly fought in the Navy after he was “of age.”  To this day, he and his fellow sailors get together on terrific memorial trips along with those who sailed on the USS Oklahoma City.

Many of my classmates went on to join the forces, but my teenage years were considered to be peaceful; all but the Cold War, which began its end at the great fall of the Berlin Wall.  However, war hit close to home at an age I remember well. As a young family, Andy and I lived in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a town very close to Fort Campbell.  Our next door neighbor was a Colonel in the Army during the first Iraq war. I marveled as I watched his wife, and her commitment not only to her family, but to the families of each of the soldiers under his command. She took on a huge role the day the soldiers left for war. It was humbling to watch such dedication and determination on her part; all along not knowing if her loved one would return. It was my first personal touch with our amazing military. At the same time, one of my closest high school buddies was commanding Navy Forces. My thoughts were with him often.  The television constantly showed the war. Our nation could not stop watching with great concern.

It was the beginning of a long journey with war for my generation. Most of our parents are of The Greatest Generation—those who faced the Great Depression as well as the Second World War. They taught us well how to honor and respect these freedoms we have. Now, I’m watching as my own children have friends who are in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Many are with the National Guard and Coast Guard. This generation knows war at a whole different level than any of us forty and fifty something’s would have thought our children would have to know.

From all of us at Puckett’s, we thank those who followed Christ’s lead as quoted in the Book of John: “There is no greater love than this; that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Thank you to the men and women in our armed forces, and to their families.  They offer us the gift of freedom at their life’s expense. It is a graceful and lovely gift indeed.

The Flag of the United States of America