Time Flies: Puckett’s In Franklin Celebrates 10th Anniversary

This appeared in Franklin Home Page December 3, 2014. By Michael Ackley.

Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant in downtown Franklin will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary Thursday.

Claire Crowell, director of operations for Puckett’s and daughter of owner Andy Marshall, said she “can hardly believe” the restaurant is entering its second decade.

Crowell was waitressing tables as a freshman at Middle Tennessee State University in 2004 when the restaurant first opened its doors.

“When we opened the Franklin location in 2004, the restaurant scene was completely different,” she said. “There was Sandy’s Downtown Grill, which closed, and the Mellow Mushroom was just opening up; that was about it for dinner options downtown. It was a ghost town at night.”

Puckett’s has become an institution in downtown Franklin; however, Crowell said its success was not a sure thing.



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A Guide To: Creating Claire’s Holiday Spread

Womanista_oyster dressing


The holidays are here, and it’s snuck up (as always) so fast! If you’re like the rest of us with busy lives and little time to plan that far ahead, you’re probably stressing a bit about what in the world you’re going to lay on your seasonal table.

Like we’ve been telling y’all, it’s time to stop frettin’ and let us help! Each year Puckett’s offers extensive to-go menus full of holiday favorites, with that special Puckett’s touch.

But it’s a mighty big list though, so we’ve asked Director of Operations Claire Crowell (also blogger at Raised by the Fork) to help us out on narrowing down the options. We were able to catch her for a brief moment—she’s a busy woman, y’all!—and ask her what her favorite items from our holiday to-go menus were.

After giving it some thought… and considering the fact that she’s feeding a baby girl for the first time this year… Claie listed these items that would spread on her dream holiday table:

  • Smoked turkey (yes, Puckett’s does all the work for you!)
  • An additional meat option: Glazed ham on a biscuit or roll
    Are you a fan of mixing it up? There’s nothing like a little oyster dressing or peel ‘n’ eat shrimp to wow your guests! See Puckett’s Boat House‘s quirky holiday to-go menu here.
  • Cornbread dressing AND cranberry relish (she likes all the fixin’s when it comes to the holidays)
  • Sweet potato casserole (hint: she makes hers slightly savory by adding a sweet crunchy pecan topping)
  • Creamy mac & cheese
  • Green beans casserole (Claire personally prefers the green beans amandine — crunchy healthy green beans to balance everything else, but it’s Thanksgiving… so she’s game to gobble up casserole!)
    Fawn over Chef Carlos’ genius at Puckett’s Boat House? Us too! Claire would choose pineapple casserole and cabbage with country ham!
  • Pumpkin pie and more pumpkin pie.
    Oh, and PBH’s carrot cake too — with a cup of black coffee, please!


Puckett's Thanksgiving - Sides, Holiday & Chicken-13

Not on Puckett’s holiday to-go menu—but still one of Claire’s favorite categories—is red wine. She said it’d be a sin to eat all this amazing food without it! And since this is her dream table, she indulged and said she’d be sipping on Belle Glos Clark & Telephone Pinot Noir. Though she’s not a big pinot drinker (she likes bolder wines), she could drink this one allllll day long.

So there you have it: Claire’s dream feast! Feel free to take her list to heart, or mix it up a bit with your own tastes and preferences.

View the holiday menus + order from:

  • Puckett’s in downtown Nashville HERE.
  • Puckett’s in downtown Franklin HERE.
  • Puckett’s Boat House in downtown Franklin HERE.
  • Puckett’s in downtown Columbia HERE.

Coming up: be on the look out for our suggestions on designing holiday tablescapes for your perfect seasonal feast!


PBH-Carrot-Cake [web size]

Puckett's Thanksgiving - Green Beans Side

Puckett's Thanksgiving - Sweet Potatoe Casserole

Thanksgiving traditions from Jan Marshall

Marshall Family Thanksgiving, circa 1995

Marshall Family Thanksgiving, circa 1995

Fall is such a busy season, and one of my absolute favorite times of the year. But my most treasured time of autumn is Thanksgiving. It quietly ushers its way into the calendar–reminding us all to take pause, reflect on our blessings, and be thankful to God that we live in such a bountiful nation. For our family, Thanksgiving holds some great traditions.

Every Thanksgiving morning, I love to start the day with a light breakfast of spicy pumpkin breads, coffee and a small protein. We all gather to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and know that when we see Santa that the holiday season is officially beginning! I admit that I’m a purist on this matter… I don’t even think about prepping for Christmas until this moment, and until Thanksgiving Day has had its moment in full.

We eat two family meals on this day, and are blessed to do so. Most of our family lives in and around Nashville, so we get to have Thanksgiving Brunch and Thanksgiving Dinner–whew! Walking is a must!  At each gathering, we talk about what we are thankful for, and slow down to visit those we love most in this world. And of course, there is always football to watch!

For the past several years, we’ve had at least one meal at Puckett’s. This one is a new tradition for us. Our extended family loves getting together there, taking our time visiting and having a great meal. An added bonus for me is to watch other families at our place doing the same. I can’t begin to say how special that is to me. It makes all that turkey cooking worthwhile!

When Andy and I first started our version of Puckett’s years ago, the tradition was to for Andy to fry, smoke, and roast a bunch of turkeys, while our kids and I–along with our small staff–would box up literally hundreds of Thanksgiving meals. Now that we have restaurants to share with so many families, it’s special to see this day within its own new tradition.

Some Thanksgiving traditions are always the same, even as times change. When I was a girl, we would go to my grandparent’s farm every Thanksgiving Day. The guys would watch football, while I got first dibs on the Sears and Roebuck Christmas Wish Book. Grandmamma, Mom and I would go over all the deals in the paper, and let the holiday shopping begin! Though we may read now more online than on paper, it is still the same first step into the holiday shopping season.

Yes, all together, Thanksgiving Day is one holiday that is most special to me, and I hope for you as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jan Crouch Marshall is the quiet, steadying force behind the Puckett’s hospitality brand that encompasses Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant, Puckett’s Boat House, GRAY’S on Main and now Homestead Manor. Along with husband Andy, Jan worked to build A. Marshall Family Food while raising their three children, a son and two daughters. A native Middle Tennessee resident, she loves faith, family, friends and sharing a culture of hospitality and good food.

What is the point of Thanksgiving?

This appeared in StyleBluePrint in November 2014. By 

StyleBlueprint Williamson County have the right idea when it comes to Thanksgiving. Grab your Wonder Woman cape and order some better-than-homemade for Thanksgiving. Then you can relax and enjoy your family. (The whole point of the holiday, right?)

Holiday takeout used to be taboo, but with so many restaurants offering options as good (or better!) as your own culinary creations, why not save some energy, step away from the kitchen and actually enjoy your family? From turkey with all of the fixings to a few sides to augment your meal, there are options galore to help you feed the masses. And if you want everyone to think you are truly Wonder Woman (you are, by the way!), just put these almost-like-homemade goodies in your own casserole dishes and no one will be the wiser.

Thanksgiving meals are available for take-out at places like Puckett's.

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

(615) 794-5527 • puckettsgrocery.com

Would you like that turkey fried, smoked or traditional? How about a dizzying array of homestyle casseroles like green bean or sweet potato? Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant offers all of the great, down-home essentials for Thanksgiving. A large turkey, roasted or smoked, is $75, fried turkey is $90. Sides, like corn bread dressing and corn pudding, are $9.99 each and feed six to eight people, while a serving for 15 to 20 is $24.99. Not a turkey lover? Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant also offers smoked prime rib, ham, pork and baby back ribs. Order turkeys by Saturday, Nov. 22. Click here for details. 


That’s What Thanksgiving’s All About

Thanksgiving is about celebrating the past year’s blessin’s around a familial table, not stressin’ in the kitchen preparing a traditional meal, and that’s why our Franklin, Columbia and Nashville locations are offering extensive take-out and dine-in options this holiday season, y’all!

Those of you weary of preparing a whole feast on your own can rejoice! Pick up the phone and order from our extensive holiday to-go menus tailored for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, with options such as whole turkeys roasted, smoked or fried; smoked buffet hams slow-cooked in the Puckett’s famous smoker; cherry-smoked pulled pork; smoked racks of baby back ribs; and more.

The Southern-style sides are also just as likely to be the center of attention on your Thanksgiving table as the turkey, with Puckett’s specialties like our finger lickin’-good casseroles—green bean, squash, broccoli and rice, and sweet potato are favorites—available by the quart or half-pan, along with freshly baked yeast rolls and more. To sweeten the deal, we’re also offering our famous homemade pies and cobblers.

And you know you can look forward to those same made-from-scratch dishes you enjoy at the Franklin, Columbia and Nashville stores year ‘round. Our owner Andy Marshall says that many of the classics are old family recipes that have been handed down over the years.

“Most of these dishes—like the cornbread dressing and giblet gravy, the corn pudding and others—have been passed down from the Marshall family Thanksgiving table,” he says. “It made sense that we would share them on the Puckett’s table as well.”

In addition to the take-out options, Franklin, Columbia and Nashville locations will be open Thanksgiving Day—11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Franklin & Columbia and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Nashville—for y’all to enjoy an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet with all the traditional fixings: sliced turkey, honey smoked ham, fried chicken and pulled pork, and all of the famous Puckett’s sides with fresh-baked pie to top it all off.

We open our doors every Turkey Day because that’s what Thanksgiving is about—the spirit of community and family.

“This time of year is about spending time with family, and we consider our neighbors and customers an extension of that,” Andy says. “Thanksgiving is a holiday we look forward to each year, to share a home-cooked meal with our loved ones, and we’re excited to continue the tradition for another season.”

When the Marshalls first took ownership of the original Puckett’s, Andy would wake up every morning before sunrise to slow smoke his award-winning barbecue. Come Thanksgiving, whole turkeys would take the place of pork butts in the smoker, and it became a tradition for the whole family to pitch in. For them, Thanksgiving holds nostalgic memories of serving the community.

“We’ve opened our doors and invited our guests in for a full ‘turkey with all the trimmings’ dinner since our first season with Puckett’s. Our family has some great memories all pitching in to prepare the holiday orders, and it’s become a tradition for us,” he says. “Thanksgiving’s not always about spending hours in a kitchen cooking the holiday meal; it’s about time with family and appreciating each other. We want to give people back that time.”

For those of y’all looking for more non-traditional dishes, Puckett’s Boat House—our more coastal restaurant in downtown Franklin, serving Gulf classics with that same Puckett’s twist—is also offering a holiday to-go menu. Choose from coast-inspired options such as oyster dressing, seafood lasagna, fried cabbage, pineapple casserole and more. Head over to the Puckett’s Boat House website at www.puckettsboathouse.com for more details.

For our Nashville, Franklin and Columbia to-go dinner menus, pricing and ordering instructions, visit www.puckettsgrocery.com.

The all-inclusive Thanksgiving buffet is $25, and $12.99 for those kiddos 12 and under. Reservations are highly recommended, and can be made on our website or by giving us a call at 931-490-4550 [Columbia] 615-794-5527 [Franklin] and 615-770-2772 [Nashville].