Made in Tennessee: Puckett’s + The Soundtrack of America

Commissioner Kevin Triplett and Andy Marshall

It was such a treat to host the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development at 5th & Church yesterday as they made a special announcement!

TDTD Commissioner Kevin Triplett took our stage to launch the department’s “The Soundtrack of America. Made in Tennessee” merchandise, which includes t-shirts, tank tops, coffee mugs, hats, water bottles & even onesies for your little ones. We’re proud to say that Puckett’s 5th & Church is the first location in the state to have these awesome items for sale!

The mission of the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development is to inspire visitors to travel to the state and create lifelong memories and authentic experiences that can only be “Made in Tennessee,” which is something that Puckett’s supports 100%.

“The Soundtrack of America is, of course, music, but it is so much more,” says Commissioner Triplett. “It is collection of sounds that stir memories that make time in Tennessee enjoyable. Whether it’s the scenic beauty of the great outdoors, a stop through a quaint town or trip to a big city, communities pride themselves on Southern hospitality, welcoming travelers to Tennessee from around the world. These unparalleled experiences create a vacation that is “The Soundtrack of America. Made in Tennessee.”


Here at Puckett’s, we love talking to our guests from all over the country, around the world and from right here in our great state.

“Puckett’s is proud to partner with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development on this launch.” says Andy Marshall. “Commissioner Triplett and his entire team do great work across our state, which is invaluable considering the major economic role that tourism plays in Tennessee’s economy.”

Come on in and check out the merch! It’s Jonny and June approved, y’all!


Labor day is one our favorite holidays, ’cause it marks the (okay, unofficial) start of oyster season! 

PBH- Food- New Orleans Oysters- 77-web (1)

Here at A. Marshall Family Foods, we love oysters all year ‘round, but it’s no secret that they’re most popular during the fall. If it’s been awhile since you’ve indulged, here’s a little pearl of wisdom: at Puckett’s Boat House, we source our oysters fresh daily from the Gulf Coast (which happens to also be one of our favorite places!) Our guests have eaten over half a million oysters at the Boat House, and one of ’em even contained 50 pearls! There is no better place in Franklin to get a taste of this seafood treat.

When we’re feeling traditional, we like to serve ‘em up raw on the half shell with a lemon and cocktail sauce. When we’re feeling spunky, we recommend trying ’em grilled and topped with asiago, bacon, and jalapeño; creamy spinach dip; or cajun herb and garlic butter. Can’t decide? Heck, order ’em all!

Oysters go great with bubbles, try them with a sparkling white wine to really complete the experience. We’ll see you soon, and if you find a pearl, don’t forget to tag us @puckettsboath to let us know!

Puckett’s Trolley Stop :: Floyd Stadium at MTSU!

Trolley- Trolley-12

Beep Beep! We’ve got some news to share! Puckett’s Trolley — our mobile eatery — has partnered with MT Athletics to offer our down-home, Southern fare to Middle Tennessee State University football fans inside Johnny “Red” Floyd Stadium this upcoming season!

“We are always seeking to add new elements to the fan experience at Blue Raiders athletic events,” said Zach Huston, business development manager for Blue Raider Sports Properties. “We’re delighted to feature a local, well-known brand like Puckett’s and are confident that the trolley’s presence will be a crowd-pleaser.”

Trolley- Food-15


Trolley- Food-16

The Puckett’s Trolley concessions menu will include offerings like a “meat and two” plate — with our famous slow-smoked pulled pork or beef brisket as meat options — plus brisket nachos, smoked wings and Piggy Mac — a favored Puckett’s creation — among other bites. Affectionately named Ms. Trolley Parton, the red trolley will be stationed inside gates 3 and 4 at Floyd Stadium for all home games during the 2017 football season.

Trolley- Food-19

Did y’all know Andy AND Claire are alumni of MTSU? Andy even played on the football team briefly, before getting sidelined due to an injury!

“Great food and football go hand in hand, and as MTSU alums we are passionate about enhancing the game day experience for our fellow Blue Raiders with the addition of Puckett’s Trolley,” Claire said.

The MTSU Blue Raiders will play Vanderbilt in the season opener tomorrow, September 2, at 7pm. What could be better than cheering on your favorite team while munching on your favorite Puckett’s foods? We’ll see y’all at Floyd Stadium!

Makin’ Tailgates Tastier :: Sauces & Spices Sale Starts Today!

Puckett’s is ready to help you make the most of tailgating season! From August 27 to September 23, our sauces, spices and rubs will be 2 for $6 in stores and online. What a hot deal!

While your favorite teams ramps up for football season, why not ramp up your BBQ game with this great deal on the delicious flavors that we use in our own restaurants! Pick two sauces or two spices (or one of each!) to cook up your best tailgating experience ever!

Puckett's-Tailgate food with sauces

We’ve shipped our products to 36 states and even to Canada, and we’re just dying to see how all you folks are using our flavors in your own kitchens. When you pick up this great deal at any Puckett’s Gro. and Restaurant location (or receive ’em in the mail), we want to see how you use them to make your tailgate the best ever! Snap a pic of your culinary creation, and tag us @puckettsgrocery when you post. Show off your favorite way to use Puckett’s flavors at home and we’ll repost our favorites!


Call us biased (nahhh!) but it’s like we always say: our restaurants are not only great places to eat, but they’re also GREAT places to work! With our company’s newest venture, Deacon’s New South, comin’ down the pike for late fall, we’re seeking energetic, friendly, talented folks to join our team more than ever. We love to train up our great employees and give them opportunities to grow (whether they stay at the same restaurant their whole career, or move around to one of our other locations!) and getting a foot in the door at one our existing concepts is a great place to start! (Click here for our current open positions.)

We sat down with three of our original team members who have been with us since the early days to share their favorite memories and sentiments about working for A. Marshall Family Foods. Claire Crowell, Pam Stringer and Doris Stringer started serving up Puckett’s favorites at the first Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant in Franklin and 11 years later, they’re still doin’ what they love and lovin’ what they do!

At A. Marshall Family Foods, we pride ourselves on being a family, one that extends across all locations and restaurants. In fact, Claire is the COO of A. Marshall Family Foods and Andy Marshall’s daughter. Pam and Doris are a mother/daughter duo who consider themselves honorary members of the Marshall family!

With Deacon’s New South on the way, there has never been a better time to join our team. Check out what Claire, Pam and Doris have to say about keepin’ it all in the (A. Marshall) family!