PBH Atmosphere-46We’ve got football on the brain for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, and the best accompaniment to watching your favorite team is good food and better company, of course! Whether you’re looking for a spot to watch the games or somewhere to fuel up for the weekend we’ve all been waiting for, you’re invited to hang out with us and enjoy the specials we’ll have going on!

Puckett’s Gro. — Franklin
Hours: Saturday, Sept. 3; 7AM – 10PM & Sunday, Sept. 4; 7AM – 9PM
Monday, Sept. 5; 7AM – 9PM

It might be a holiday, but you’ll want to get up early– our delicious breakfast buffet will be available until 12 noon on Monday the 5th. (You can go back to bed after!)

Puckett’s Gro. — Nashville
Hours: Saturday, Sept. 3; 7AM – 11PM & Sunday, Sept. 4; 7AM – 10PM
Monday, Sept. 5; 7AM – 10PM

Don’t worry, Nashville- you too can get in on Puckett’s breakfast delicious breakfast buffet on Monday, at our 5th & Church location!

Puckett’s Gro. — Chattanooga
Hours: Saturday, Sept. 3; 7AM – 11PM & Sunday, Sept. 4; 7AM – 9PM
Monday, Sept. 5; 7AM – 9PM

Nothing like some live music to celebrate having the next day off from work! Mark Kelly Hall will perform from 5PM – 7PM on Sunday, then we’ll see you back Monday for our breakfast buffet.

Puckett’s Gro. — Columbia
Hours: Saturday, Sept. 3; 7AM – 10PM & Sunday, Sept. 4; 7AM – 4PM
Monday, Sept. 5; 7AM – 9PM

Being in MuleTown, USA is special enough, dontcha think? We’ll be open normal hours all weekend!

Puckett’s Boat House
Hours: Saturday, Sept. 3; 11AM – 10PM & Sunday, Sept. 4; 10AM – 9PM
Monday, Sept. 5; 11AM – 9PM

Did someone say Happy Hour?? Sunday and Monday from 3PM – 6PM, the Boat House will have 2 for 1 drafts and $2 off our fresh oysters! (P.S. – Don’t forget Sunday brunch is from 10AM – 2PM!)

Scout’s Pub
Hours: Saturday, Sept. 3; 9AM – 10PM & Sunday, Sept. 4; 9AM – 9PM
Monday, Sept. 5; 11AM – 9PM

We’ll have the games on starting Thursday night all the way through Monday, with drink specials during all the games.

Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 9AM – 2PM.

Scout’s Pub is also introducing our first Happy Hour starting on 9/4/16, offered from 4-7 pm Sunday – Thursday, with $1 off all drafts; $6 Scout’s Pub cocktails; 6oz wine by the glass for our 4oz price.

Homestead Manor
Hours: Saturday, Sept. 3; 10AM – 10PM & Sunday, Sept. 4; 10AM – 9PM
Closed Monday, Sept. 5

Hattie Jane’s Creamery
Hours: Saturday, Sept. 3; 11AM – 10PM & Sunday, Sept. 4; 11AM – 8PM
Monday, Sept. 5; 11AM – 9PM

We scream for ice cream deals on Monday! Get $5 Milkshakes and Matchmakers
We’ll also have a special flavor for the weekend- a Royal Raspberry and Vanilla swirl!

Meet Lokelani Alabanza: The Face Behind Hattie Jane’s Creamery’s Delicious Homemade Flavors

Loki Headshot_Cropped

Inventing unique ice cream flavors such as ‘Nana Puddin’, Cereal Bowl or The Elvis is a job that most of us only dream of. However, for Lokelani Alabanza, the executive pastry chef at Hattie Jane’s Creamery, this dream is a reality. As if her job wasn’t interesting enough, Lokelani’s story spans worldwide, from Las Vegas all the way to Japan.

Originally from the Bay Area in California, Lokelani was raised in Oregon. After traveling through Europe post-graduation, she landed her first kitchen job in Svendborg, Denmark. What was supposed to be a six-week excursion turned into a six-month stay.

Upon her return to the States, Lokelani enrolled in the New England Culinary Institute in Essex Junction, Vt., which is the alma mater of Alton Brown from The Food Network. She completed several culinary internships in Oregon, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“Although I went to culinary school to be a chef, my first position after graduating was as a pastry chef in LA.” Lokelani said. “It came naturally and just stuck.”

Lokelani’s culinary career has taken her all over the world, presenting her with extraordinary opportunities.  Not only did she work in actress Eva Longoria’s LA restaurant, Beso Hollywood, she opened her own hand pie company while working at Bouchon in Las Vegas. She was even a personal chef in Japan while her husband, now a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, was stationed there.

“In Japan, I made it a point to shop local. I would go to local farmers market and buy fresh fish,” she said.

After finding her way to Nashville, Lokelani became the executive pastry chef at The Hutton Hotel. It was during that time that she learned about A. Marshall Family Foods.

“A good friend of mine started working at Homestead Manor and loved it,” Lokelani said. “Through that friendship, I met Corey King (executive chef at Homestead) and the rest of the A. Marshall team.”

In addition to her position at Hattie Jane’s, Lokelani is also the executive pastry chef at Harvest at Homestead Manor and plans to revamp its dessert menu soon.

“The dessert menu at Harvest has been so popular, but it’s been the same for a while,” she said. “I’m ready to shake it up.”

Lokelani says she most enjoys composing dishes. From donuts to tarts, she likes the fun and challenge of putting it all together. However, even though she enjoys working with desserts, Lokelani said she doesn’t have a big sweet tooth.

“I’d really rather just have meat and potatoes,” she said. “When it comes to sweets, I like bready things like bread pudding or almond croissants.”

On September 8, Lokelani will celebrate her one year Nashvillian anniversary since moving from Las Vegas. In her time here, she has had several stand out dining experiences, including a “really beautiful dinner” at Rolf & Daughters and a recent Sunday spent at 5 Points Pizza and Bar 308. While she’s working on creating sweet treats, she’s found friends here who keep her favorite foods in mind.

“One of my friends here often brings me Bahn Mi sandwiches,” she said. “I grew up around Asian flavors, so that’s a comfort food for me.”

Lokelani is looking forward to working further with Claire Crowell, COO of A. Marshall Family Foods and co-owner of Hattie Jane’s, which she calls a beautiful execution of Claire’s vision.

“Overall it’s been really great watching Claire’s vision transpire,” she said. Everyone walks in the door and says ‘Wow!’” She’s created this space that’s so beautiful, and it has been so great to witness. It feels good knowing that we can communicate, and I can experiment with different things.”

We are thrilled to have Lokelani on our team and look forward to seeing her creativity shine through on Hattie Jane’s Creamery’s rotating menu and at Harvest at Homestead Manor!


Puckett’s Boat House welcomes Keith Simpkins to our Uncorked Series!

Uncorked CollagePuckett’s Boat House is privileged to have Keith Simpkins lead the remaining sessions of Uncorked, our monthly wine tasting series. A native of Nashville, Keith previously served as Bar Manager at The Southern in downtown Nashville, where he jumped on the fast track to learning about wines which quickly ignited a passion for the experience.  

He is currently a sales manager for Grainger, and says that working outside of the industry has reminded him of his affinity for exploring and teaching the vast complexities of wine on a regular basis.

Leading “Uncorked” on Tuesday, August 16, Keith will encourage guests to keep an open mind as together they taste and discuss four pinot noirs from different regions around the world.

“Wine is whatever you want it to be,” Keith said. “Pinot noir is one of the elegant wines of the world — some of the most affordable and the most expensive — and I am looking forward to engaging with our guests about the differences and similarities within the same varietal. To me, the best part about wine is that there’s no right or wrong answer. Whatever you taste, that’s what you taste and I love to talk about the different flavors and sensations that people will pick up on.”

If you would like more info on future Uncorked events, visit the Puckett’s Boat House website.

Join the Puckett’s Family!

Pucketts At Work-6883Photo provided by our very own Jami Joe.

Puckett’s in downtown Nashville is hiring for all positions, and we can’t think of a better way to showcase the Puckett’s spirit than by sharing first-hand experiences from members of our team! If you want to be part of our Puckett’s family just like Victor and Jami, please come by our job fair at the restaurant, located at 500 Church St., on Wednesday, August 10 between 8 – 10 AM or 2 – 6 PM. Bring a valid photo ID; we will have applications on-site. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Puckett’s Offers Opportunities for all Employees

Kitchen Manager, Victor Delgado, is a testament to the opportunity Puckett’s offers for their employees to grow. Victor’s journey at Puckett’s began six years ago when he was hired as a cook. He eventually worked his way up to kitchen manager, where his favorite part of the job is working together with everyone in the “Puckett’s family.”

“It feels like family here,” Victor said. “People who work here are happy, and the customers can tell.”

Victor wants people who are interested in working at Puckett’s to know that the restaurant offers opportunities for everyone, and that the people are good at communicating, listening to what everyone has to say.

He is looking forward to continuing his journey with Puckett’s.

Thanks to the Marshall family I have been working here for years, and I hope for many more to come.”

It’s the Little Things That Makes Puckett’s Stand Out

Working at Puckett’s definitely changed the life of waitress Jami Joe. When she pulled into Nashville from Florida in 2012, she didn’t know anyone and was looking for a job. She saw on Facebook that Puckett’s was hiring, so she applied and interviewed.

When she started training two days later, the first person she met was Craig, her future husband. In addition to her husband, Puckett’s has provided Jami with lifelong friends.

“I can count on these people for anything,” Jami said. “At Puckett’s the people come first, whether it’s a family emergency or your car breaks down- they care about you.”

Although, Puckett’s has grown rapidly over the four years Jami has been there, she believes it just means more opportunities. Jami has many responsibilities within the restaurant, including coordinating large parties and training new employees.

“At the heart of it all, it’s still a family owned business with family values,” Jami Joe said.

Although Jami has worked for larger restaurants, she believes Puckett’s is special because of the camaraderie that exists between everyone. She says it’s these small things, like the family feel, that make Puckett’s stand out from the rest.

“Any issues I’ve ever had with a customer or scheduling, they’ve never batted an eye,” Jami said.

WHO: Puckett’s 5th & Church

WHAT: Job Fair; hiring for all positions

WHEN: Wednesday, August 10; 8 – 10 AM and 2 – 6 PM

WHERE: 500 Church St., Nashville, TN 37219




With temperatures often soaring above 90 degrees, it is safe to say that August is the hottest month in Nashville. In weather like that, staying hydrated is crucial, but for many in Nashville’s homeless community, it can be hard to do. That is why we at Puckett’s 5th & Church are thrilled to be teaming up again with the Nashville Rescue Mission for “Mission H2O,” a project that provides water to Nashville’s homeless community.

Last year, we collected over 10,000 water bottles, supplied by Kimbro Water Company, for the Mission. With the help of our customers, we know we can do even better this year, so we’ve decided to raise our goal to 15,000 bottles!

Kimbro sources and packages the water bottles locally in Pall Mall, Tenn. and we are very grateful for their partnership as we launch this campaign for the second year in a row.

“We feel very strongly about Mission H2O, and we want to help Puckett’s impact the community in a big way,” Matthew Neary, sales and marketing manager for Kimbro Water Company, said.

From August 1st to August 31st, Puckett’s diners will have the option of adding an extra dollar or two to their bill. For each dollar, two bottles of water will be donated to the Mission. In addition, our parent company, A. Marshall Family Foods Inc. will match the amount donated by our guests.

The Nashville Rescue Mission is dedicated to helping the hungry and homeless, and offers programs that focus on spiritual growth, education, employment and life-recovery. The Mission aims to give members of the community hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity. Help us, along with the Nashville Rescue Mission, spread love and care this August to those who need it the most in our community!